Ready, Get Set, TRAVEL

Ready, Get Set, TRAVEL ✈️

The summer is around the corner, the time for the well deserved holiday is here!

Travelling as we all know can be an ordeal, but with preparation it can go swimmingly.

Suitcases are your first task, finding out which one fits into the cabin can be a bit tricky. We have divided our collection into cabin size and check in luggage to help you choose quicker and efficiently, although we do recommend that you check your airlines sizing as each one is unfortunately different. 

Hard, soft, lightweight? All very good questions. Most of our suitcases are lightweight and hard shells so your belongings are safe when they go into the plane. Have a look at the locking systems too! All in built and easy to use, your belongings are definitely safe in them.

Plus we all like to know easily which suitcase is ours, the colour range we have to offer will definitely stand out for an easy spot. My personal favourite is our new red.

We would like to introduce the vanity cases that sit on the suitcases perfectly, no need to carry anything, your items are separate and safe, plus being on four wheels really means there is no need for lugging around any heavy suitcases.

Sometimes you don't quite need a suitcase, having along weekend away in Paris, or to the coast, a little holdall is perfect.

Combine any luggage with our wash and make up bag sets, and you are ready to go!

Once you get there, its your time to relax, bringing your favourite hair and body washes, colognes, soaps and lotions is an important part. Slip into a light weight kimono/dressing gown, perhaps a pair of pyjamas, relax a little with a eye mask and fall asleep in a state of calm relaxation. 

Sightseeing a fabulous way to enjoy the culture of the country, finding those little side streets with tucked away restaurants getting lost and stumbling across a secret venue is always been a favourite of mine, a crossbody bag with a personally chosen strap makes this so much easier, safe and comfortable , they are a must have to go away with. 

We have you covered for all holiday essentials to make it easy and seamless to go on your holiday. 

Tag us in your posts and we can see your fabulous holiday which we would love to see!

Happy travels!

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