Presenting Your Presents Beautifully !

Presenting Your Presents Beautifully !

Everyone loves receiving a nicely wrapped present and trying to guess what’s inside! And a perfectly wrapped gift helps builds up the anticipation of opening. The art of wrapping the perfect gift requires certain materials and instruments that will complete the gift you are giving, like the icing on a cake! The wrapping and decoration is just as important as the gift itself. 

To add some personality to your package, we suggest getting creative with your ribbon choice. You can even curl traditional ribbon to make the look a little more fun!

A great tip to consider : it's much easier to wrap something square or rectangular. Do yourself a favour and pack your gift into a box!  Make sure that anything fragile within your box is wrapped securely and doesn't move around.  Using tissue paper as padding is ideal.

The cardinal rule for choosing wrapping paper? The thicker, the better.  Another great tip in helping with the cutting process, look for a roll with a grid pattern on the back.

A sharp pair of scissors with a comfortable handle is also key when you have a pile of gifts to tackle.

Here's a  trick from the pros: Double-sided tape is your secret weapon for a neat seam. 

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