Making Coffee like a Barista!

Making Coffee like a Barista!

Coffee has become one of life's everyday luxuries and we all have our preferred way of drinking it whether it's a flat white, cappucino or simply a black coffee and we are certainly missing our favourite Barista making this for us.

Here are just a few tips on how to try and achieve a perfect coffee at home.

Splash out a bit extra on the type of coffee you are buying. Like a good wine coffee comes in all different varieties.  We recommend James Gourmet Coffee 'Simply Brazil' either beans or ground. We also have James Gourmet Decaffeinated ground coffee if you like your coffee decaffeinated.

If you can, grind your beans!  Nothing beats a grinder, which is the star of the show! Ground coffee goes stale quickly (after 24 hours you notice the difference) so if you can, invest in a grinder.  Grind only what you need.

Tip: Store your ground coffee in a dark and airtight container - do not store in the fridge. 

Cafetières are simple but are not to be rushed! 15g of ground coffee per person to 250ml of water. For light to medium roasts, use water straight from the boil; for darker roasts, let it sit off the boil for a minute or so. Steep for four minutes. Plunge so it rests on the surface of the coffee, and leave for another five minutes to let the fine coffee sink to the bottom. One plunge is enough.  

A stove-top espresso maker is ideal if you like a stronger coffee, halfway between an espresso and a filter coffee. The trick is to fill the bottom with just-boiled water from the kettle. As soon as it starts to gurgle it is ready.

Next, the milk and, like tea, this is entirely down to personal preference.  If you are heating your milk try not to let it boil, keep below 70C as any hotter and the milk will "cook". Great alternative milks to use are Almond or Oat and look out for the 'Barista' versions of these which are best suited for coffee.

nothing starts the day off better than coffee served in your favourite mug. Repeat Repeat mug range fits the bill perfectly!  Perhaps a Skinny Dot mug for your latte, Tulip Petal a flat white and a Tom Fizz or large Plum Cress for a cappucino!  

Or a Sweet William dog mug for your coffee before the dog walk? Nothing puts a spring in your step after a coffee in a mug with your best friend on it!

How about a sweet treat on the side from our Clementines range? Making your coffee break just like trip to your local coffee shop!!

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