Lockdown Reading comes to 'Fruition'

Lockdown Reading comes to 'Fruition'

You may recall our previous blog on 12th May when we chatted about our lockdown reading. We're happy to report that we've had a lot of success with our fruit production after reading the extremely helpful River Cottage Handbook "Fruit". Sarah has made her first ever batch of Gooseberry and Elderflower Icecream.

Not only did she manage to harvest enough gooseberries but earlier in the month, after reading River Cottage Handbook "Hedgerow" she also made a batch of Elderflower cordial. Luckily she had enough of all the ingredients to make this delightful icecream - fruit from her garden and Elderflowers in the field opposite!

Sarah made the recipe from Nigella Lawson's Forever Summer cookbook. Described by Nigella "... know only that one mouthful of this, with its combination of tart fruit, floral syrup and egg-rich cream, makes you feel you've been transported to a purer, better age. Eat and weep."

This really is icecream to remember those long hot summer days we have been so lucky to enjoy recently.


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