It's All About The Woodcock!

It's All About The Woodcock!

We thought we would give you a little insight into the life of a real life Woodcock!

Woodcock's are native to Britain and, here in The Cotswolds, is a prime area to try and seek these elusive birds.

They are stout, bulky wading birds with short legs and a very long straight tapering bill. Their feathers known as 'dead leaf camouflage' and are a mix of brown, black and cream making observation difficult.  

As nocturnal birds they spend their daylight hours concealing themselves under dense cover in woodlands and heathlands and then only come out between dusk and dawn.  When they do come out, under the cover of darkness, they eat worms, spiders, beetles, caterpillars and small snails and fly larvae which they find under damp soil.  

In fact you would be very lucky to see one, you may by chance disturb one from its resting place, when it flies off, zigzagging between the trees and dropping back quickly into cover. Even keen bird watchers are lucky to have claimed to have seen one! 

Most of the Woodcock's in the UK are resident all year round but during the winter month's they are often joined by migrating Woodcock's from Finland and Russia.  

Sadly, their numbers have fallen considerably over recent years and their conservation status is currently red and they are now protected by the Wildlife and Conservation Act 1981.

You can see why we have such love for this bird here at Woodcock & Cavendish!

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