Don't be afraid to ask for help when getting healthy!

Don't be afraid to ask for help when getting healthy!

Getting your health and fitness level up can be very difficult. Some people can find the motivation on their own and be able to push themselves at home. Many find it easier to cycle, fresh and air and exercise for the whole body. 

But some like myself find it difficult to find that motivation to even get started. During lockdown, I saw many people take up cycling or at-home exercise and was almost envious that they could do this, but after a couple of weeks of arduous research, I found two fantastic Personal Trainers who work together.

Having someone there to guide and help me find my weaknesses and strengths was something I definitely needed. They cater to your own needs, your own obstacles. If you don't find a 1 on 1 session useful, many Personal trainers do a group session, which can give you competition or a friendly face to help you through your journey. Another way to help you step and socialise in the new reality that we face.

Through the first couple of weeks of Lockdown Leon Shah & Aimee Jeff's Ultimate fitness in London and New Born Trainer helped me start my journey through online courses. Of course, they do 1-1 and any of your specific needs they will cater too. He's also a fencing coach if you fancy learning a new hobby or just moving forward! His partner in crime Aimee Jeffs a PT & nutritionist (specialising in pre and postnatal as well as body transformations) talked me through my dietary needs and helped me face the reality of what I need to do to help get the benefits of my fitness sessions. They are a fantastic couple and really work well together, creating an atmosphere that I felt comfortable with during a very strange time especially as I dislike being on video. They pushed me just the right amount, it was amazing to see the change in just a few sessions. They are now focusing on outside sessions now that the lockdown restrictions have allowed it. Both using all kinds of strengthening techniques, fitness inducing and dare I say, fun exercises. You always leave them with a smile on your face.  I absolutely recommended them, you can find them on Instagram through this link:

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