Best of British Pottery & Ceramics - Part II

Best of British Pottery & Ceramics - Part II

Continuing on from our last theme on Best of British manufacturing and original designers we are excited to bring to you another example of our of Best of British brands, all part of our exciting range of china collections available at Woodcock & Cavendish.

How lucky are we to have such a long, illustrious and celebrated history of manufacturing china in the Staffordshire Potteries and the introduction of fine bone china in the early 1800's which still continues today.

Here are a selection of our personal favourite brands, again, all British brands we love, support and take pride in selling.  

Is nothing more quintessentially British than enjoying a cup of Rosie in one of your favourite bone china mugs?  

Sweet William

The delightful Sweet William range has been a firm favourite of ours at Woodcock & Cavendish since 2014.   We adore Sweet William for it's quirky humour and fresh original designs. A delivery from Sweet William is always a joy for us to unpack and display.

Perfect for family gifts, we've always loved their "Little/Big Sister" and "Little/Big Brother" collection.  We have sold these gorgeous little mugs to siblings from 0-90 years. Believe it or not, we had a delighted customer buy a "Little Brother" mug for her 85 year old brother, she said with a little chuckle, "he has always been known as my little brother"!

Sweet William is perfect for those special celebrations from Mother's and Father's day, or maybe a wedding gift such as a pair of Mr and Mrs mugs and a lovely way to celebrate the birth of a child with a gift of a Yummy Mummy mug which will always bring a smile. 

& then there's The Dog, The Cat and/or The Horse in our lives.  Sweet William have all these covered with great humour and spot on illustrations. We all know of a Swimming Lab and always fight over The Dog Loves Me Best mug, because he does, of course, Love ME best!

For more inspiration please take a look at the Sweet William collection.

Little Weaver Arts

We are so excited to introduce this year the creative and beautifully illustrated range from Little Weaver Arts. 

Depicting nature and all that our beautiful English countryside has to offer with their fabulous art work.  All designed and Made in Britain in fine bone china.

A classic, yet simple, tableware range. We particularly love their Crafty Coo platters made from fine bone china these make a lovely way to serve breakfast or afternoon tea.  Matched with a Sassy Hare mug or perhaps a gorgeous Giraffe jug it certainly makes the ritual of a cuppa a lot more pleasurable.  

Please take a browse at the Little Weaver Arts range, we're sure you will be love this fabulous collection.

Repeat, Repeat

Another long time favourite of ours is the collectable Repeat Repeat range. Once again, all designed and produced from their factory based in Stoke on Trent and made from traditional, high quality, fine bone china. 

Established since 1984 their designs have a contemporary feel about them but all made using the traditional bone china techniques.  We particularly love their super Skinny mugs and jugs collection with very simple designs in pure white china making these very distinctive pieces to own and collect.

Other favourites of ours, and lots of our customers have started to collect these too, is the Plum range, from their Plum Seedlings through to Plum Flowers and Stars each item takes on a life of its own, individual, style.  

Tulips are also a delicate and stylish collection.  What is there not to love when pouring your morning milk over your cereals in a Plum Flower Cereal bowl when using the Tulip Sprig jug? 

Repeat Repeat have also introduced a fun nautical Cobaltic range depicting eccentric maritime characters such as a Fox in a sailor suit, the King of Fish, a Seahorse with a Ship on his head and a fish balancing a shoe!  All slightly bonkers but well worth a look for fun gifts for the hard to buy for and made into lovely deep mugs for when you want a longer cup of tea or coffee. 

Repeat Repeat collection is definitely worth taking a look at for its beautiful delicate bone china with a modern minimalistic twist. 

It's always time for tea.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

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