Atum Stone: Traditional Stonemasons

Atum Stone: Traditional Stonemasons

When living in the beautiful Cotswolds and surrounding areas , one of the most important things that make it as quintessentially English, is the use of stone. The miles of dry stone walling accompanied by the magnificent housing makes this area of England's countryside iconic.

With that in mind Atum Stone epitomises that rare style of the Cotswolds using traditional and historic Stonemason techniques

If you asked anyone what a builder, carpenter, tiller etc  is they would have a good idea what they do. But stonemasonry is a art form all on its own.

stonemason (n.)

1733, from stone (n.) + mason. Another name for the profession was hard-hewer (15c.). Stone-cutter is from 1530s; Old English had stanwyrhta "stone-wright."

In the Middle Ages with the rise of stonemasonry in England, stonemasons were a primary role in development of our civilisation as we know it today. But not limited to England. Sweeping across Europe and the Eastern world, it has always played an essential role in our civilisations, being it cathedrals, Greek temples, Parisian places and much more.

But Stonemasonry is the oldest trade in the world, stretching back to the first known surviving stone structure – Anu ziggurat of Uruk

Of course the tradition of Stonemasonry has changed slightly over the years to keep up with the style of our world. They became so important that they created guilds to protect the sacred art.

Atum stone prides themselves on many things, their tag line is ‘The Happy Smiley Building Company’ and they very much live up to that.  Josh Francis founder of Atum Stone will happily tell you that he chose his name based on the history of the art.

Atum who is a God of many things, but most importantly his Pyramids are very important in his role of  lifting the dead king's soul from his pyramid to the starry heavens.

Atum stone specialises in : Stone cleaning, all Stonewalling, Historic Restoration, Lime repointing, Mortar matching services, Consultancy Quotes. And of course all stone related enquiries.

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