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Doorstop Chairmans - Cowhide Multi Black

Doorstop Chairmans - Cowhide Multi Black

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Multi Black Cowhide Doorstops - each of these doorstops is not only robust but also unique.

Exemplifying upcycling excellence, repurpose remnants of cowhide and designer production surplus to fashion one-of-a-kind statement pieces for your home.

With meticulous attention to detail, our skilled team crafts these doorstops from a vast array of cowhide selections. The resulting combinations are simply stunning, as we thoughtfully curate a palette of myriad colours, ensuring that no two cowhide doorstops are identical.

The creation of these cowhide doorstops involves a precise process. Initially, they are filled with leftover sheepskin, promoting sustainable resource utilization. To add weight, a blend of sand and gravel is introduced, securely contained within a robust Velcro closure.

The leather bases are constructed from high-quality upholstery-grade leather, ensuring long-lasting durability and permitting these doorstops to be effortlessly relocated on any surface without concern for damage.

In addition to their functionality, these Cowhide Chairmans doorstops feature generous and sturdy carrying handles.

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